The Croods (2013)


Adventure | Animation | Comedy


Kirk DeMicco | Chris Sanders



Voice Cast

Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman, Chris Sanders, Randy Thom


After their cave is destroyed, the Croods, a caveman family, must trek through an unfamiliar and dangerous world where the rules that used to keep them alive don't apply. 


I don't remember seeing a lot of trailers and promotional stuff when "The Croods" came out. I actually think I've read of it for the first time a couple of years ago when I checked out Emma Stone's filmography, which is why I decided to watch it. I know, it took me ages, literally, and I regret not seeing it earlier because it's such a fun and exciting animated film that goes deeper than it might seem.

In fact, while it is pretty straightforward, clichéd and rather predictable - let's not forget it's a kids movie -, the story still is very interesting and explores some of the most basic yet important issues concerning a family, from the importance of sticking together in hard times to the troubled parent-child relationship. It also shows that sometimes it's good to get away from one's comfort zone.

While teaching that, "The Croods" also entertains with its fun, likeable and interesting characters each having but flaws and virtues. They are the kind of characters you find yourself rooting for as well as the kind of characters that will make you laugh with some good, old-fashioned slapstick humour.

The reason why I really enjoyed the characters, though, other than the colourful and nice animation, is the cast. I cannot think of actors that would fit the characters more than those here. Emma Stone is very enjoyable as Eep, the rebellious daughter, Nicolas Cage basically plays himself in a funny way, and Ryan Reynolds does great as Guy, the cool kid with some crazy ideas. Most important, however, is the chemistry between the cast, simply awesome.


  1. Il dvd staziona da tempo immemore sullo scaffale (credo di averlo ricevuto in regalo con un Happy Meal). Mi hai convinto a vederlo :D

    1. Haha, io avevo visto alcune scene mesi fa su Italia 1 e sembrava carino così mi sono decisa a guardarlo.

  2. Glad you liked this one. It was a very fun movie. I agree much of this is thanks to its fantastic cast.

  3. Yeeeees! I loved The Croods. I don't remember much promotion for it either, but I was in for the cast alone. I hope they don't milk it for any sequels to be honest, but it's great as a standalone movie :)

    1. That's what I hope as well. It would be terrible.