Thursday Movie Picks: Underdogs

It's Thursday aka time for another Thursday Movie Picks entry, the weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves where you share three movies to fit the theme of the week each Thursday.

Spring has just kicked in and so have underdogs because, guess what, it's their week. I don't know you, but I always root for the underdog, except in sports, there I usually root for the best aka Bayern in football and Nole Djokovic in tennis. Anyway, there's something about seeing them happy that makes me happy. They don't always make it - see my third pick - but sometimes it's the journey that counts.

8 Mile (2002)

Jimmy is a young white rapper who is trying to become successful in a field "dominated" by black people while dealing with his life. I don't know how the mass feels about this film, but I love it. It is such an inspirational movies about hardship and determination, and it has some pretty powerful lyrics. And Eminem's performance isn't bad either considering he's not an actor. I can't be trusted on this though, I'm a huge fan of Eminem.

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Po is a panda who sees his dream to becomes a Kung Fu master become reality when he is chosen by a prophecy. There's only one problem: he sucks at Kung Fu. This film is incredibly fun and entertaining, the characters are very enjoyable, especially Po, and it has a lot to teach both to kids and adults. If you haven't already, you should really catch up on this one. Even if Po reminds you of your ex.

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

Eddie is a young and tenacious British ski jumper who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his dream, qualify for the 1988 Winter Olympics. One of my favourite movies of 2016, it is pretty much the typical feel-good film about an underdog, but it differs from the others because for once it shows that winning isn't everything. That's why this film is a winner for me.


  1. I LOVE that you went with 8 Mile. Amazing choice. Lose Yourself still holds up.

  2. Hahahaaaaaaaaaa! I laughed so out loud about Po reminding someone of one's ex...which is me...hahahaaaaa. You remembered what i must have remarked before:) I might cave and see this film:) I am not a fan of rap at all....I find it like Chinese water torture actually. I want to see Eddie the Eagle because I remember watching him at the Olympics plus it stars my amour...Hugh Jackman

  3. Cara Sonia, io pinto su Kong fu Panda lo ho visto e miè molto piaciuto!!!
    Ciao e buon pomeriggio cara amica con un forte abbraccio e un sorriso:-)

  4. Haha. Most of the time I root for anyone but Bayern* as the dominance of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich makes the Champions League uncompitive for anyone except those three big teams. Get rid of seedings and the group stage (waste of time) I say!

    But enough about football the only film I've seen from this list was Eddie the Eagle which was indeed a feel good film.

    *I support Bayern aganist Liepzig...Leipzig are everything that's wrong with football

  5. I haven't seen 8 Mile but loved Kung Fu Panda and really enjoyed Eddie the Eagle. It was very much a feel good movie.

  6. LOVE both 8 Mile and Kung Fu Panda. They're both perfect picks. Haven't seen Eddie the Eagle, just yet.

  7. LOVED Eddie the Eagle. Just seen if for the first time last week and it was such a feel good movie

  8. Oh geez I haven't seen any of these, I better get crackin'! I just saw Eddie the Eagle listed on another site so now I'm doubly interested in seeking it out. The other two not as much, I can't abide Eminem and I'm no animation fan.

    I have a sport film in my mix as well, everyone seems to today-the genre lends itself to underdog stories and then two where competition factors in some way.

    Little Miss Sunshine (2006)-Young Olive (Abigail Breslin) has a dream shared by her grandfather (Alan Arkin). She wants to compete in the Little Miss Sunshine contest but that requires a road trip with her dysfunctional family, inventor dad Richard (Greg Kinnear), willfully mute brother Dwayne (Paul Dano), suicidal Uncle Frank (Steve Carell) and flustered mom Sheryl (Toni Collette). At first it looks doubtful but then they all pile into the van and go on a bumpy road to give Olive her chance despite the odds. Just quirky enough to be charming without wearing out its welcome thanks to a great cast all doing terrific work. Arkin won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

    Miracle (2004)-The true story of Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) the hockey coach who took the rough material that was the US hockey team and whipped them into Olympic gold medal winning shape. Wonderfully detailed with athletes rather than actors as the team mates, though they perform their lines well, and a powerfully convincing lead performance from Russell, one of his best. Despite the known outcome the film is quite involving and the end exciting.

    October Sky (1999)-Homer Hickam (Jake Gyllenhaal) is just another backwoods teen in a slowly dying coal town in the 50’s until he witnesses Sputnik flying by one night. Filled with the wonder of space and encouraged by his young teacher Miss Riley (Laura Dern) he convinces his friends O’Dell & Roy Lee to work with him to try and build rockets. Enlisting the school outcast and brain Quentin they plunge in against many obstacles, including the stubborn resistance of Homer’s good but pigheaded father (Chris Cooper). Meeting with some success they determine to enter the national science competition in pursuit of college scholarships. A great film with tremendous performances full of determination to succeed against seemingly insurmountable odds and all around American can-doism with one of the most beautifully evocative and fitting scores ever.

    1. Just stopped back to say thanks for the recommend of Eddie the Eagle. I watched it tonight and was completely charmed by it.

  9. Eddie the Eagle sounds good, I had never heard of it before now.

  10. Forgot how good 8 Mile is. And Kung Fu Panda. I was talking to a friend who loves the Panda films, the first two were brilliant and actually quite deep. But the third is meh.

  11. Nice picks! I still have to check out Eddie the Eagle. It seems like such an endearing movie! :)