Attack of the Killer Donuts (2016)

I'm starting to question my sanity. I mean, there has to be something wrong with me if I decide to watch a horror comedy called Attack of the Killer Donuts. At least I wasn't expecting it to be scary which means I was not disappointed.

There isn't a lot to say about this film's plot as the title says it all. Due to some circumstances (a chemical accident, to be honest), donuts become animated, they grow teeth and start killing people. And it's up to Johnny (Justin Ray), Michelle (Kayla Compton) and Howard (Ben Heyman), to save their town.

It is utterly stupid, filled with clich├ęs and it's bad from start to finish (and the ending looks like the beginning of a porn, I'm not kidding). Basically the only laughable thing about the film other than its idiotic, stereotyped and one-dimensional characters that are so unlikable, I wished the donuts killed them all. 

Also, the casting was completely wrong. Not only the performances were terrible (it's not like I was expecting Oscar-level acting though), the actors don't even fit their roles. For example, Justin Ray and Kassandra Voyagis who plays Ray's mother looks almost the same age. 

And did I mention that it's boring as well? The film takes something like 30 minutes to set up the whole killer donuts things. 30 minutes of cringy acting and painful-to-listen-to dialogue. 

Eventually the donuts do arrive but they don't make things better. They aren't funny at all, unless you consider a donut with teeth driving a police car funny. The kills are bland, there isn't enough gore (there's barely some, to be honest) and there was nothing so special about the special effects, they were terrible. 


  1. The premise of this sounds hysterical and now I'm tempted even though it's apparently awful. lol

  2. This sounds like the people who created this movie watched Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. My friend, who is in love with Donuts and loves his Tim Hortons would cry