Cult of Chucky (2017)

Remember last week when I had plenty of hope for Cult of Chucky? Well, turns out I was right to put my trust in Don Mancini because this seventh instalment of the franchise isn't terrible. And it's way better than Muschieetti's It

It's stupid right from the beginning as it opens with Andy (Alex Vincent), the kid from the original film, going on a date doomed to fail because the woman googled him and knows everything about his past. Anyway, Andy goes back home and guess who's waiting for him? Chucky (Brad Dourif). Actually, Chucky's head, half destroyed because Andy finds incredible pleasure in torturing him. Then it shifts focus on Nica (Fiona Dourif), who is now in an asylum for killing her family. But she doesn't find peace in the asylum either as several good guy dolls make their appearance. And they all are somehow possessed by Chucky whose goal is to terrorize Nica. And then Andy comes back to stop Chucky but first he has to deal with Chucky's wife, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) who is helping her husband to get his revenge.

I'm not going to add anything else. Keep in mind though that what you just read is only the storyline. There's a lot more going on in the film, a lot of weird and dumb stuff going on that I won't spoil. I don't want to kill all the fun, there are already too many murderers in this film.

The story is a mess, there are many plot holes and too many things that are beyond stupid. There's a freak breastfeeding a doll. Also, who even keeps, in a mental hospital, all the knives and blades in a drawer labelled sharps? Only an idiot who do that. But in spite of that, it's quite interesting to follow.

Especially because of the characters. Nica is once again a very likeable heroine and has some very interesting character development. Not to mention Fiona Dourif's delightful performance (I really hope she gets to be in more movies in the future). However, the villains steal the show. Chucky and Tiffany are fine villains (and probably better than most of Marvel's), but the real star is Michael Therriault's Dr. Foley, a quite disturbing/disturbed secondary villain. Even Chucky admires this guy. And he admires him so much that at some point he's not sure whether to kill him or take notes.

There were some problems though. Sometimes it's hard to understand whether the film is trying to be a comedy or a horror. Some scenes that are supposed to be scary come off quite funny, to be honest. Like the kills. There is also some unnecessary CGI but at least it wasn't as obvious as in Curse of Chucky.


  1. I have to watch the original ever so often just to remind myself how awful it really was.

  2. I'm glad this got to cap off your Chucky coverage! lol. I do want to see this. I'm glad it's not completely terrible.