Tales of Halloween (2015)

It's almost that time of the year again, when kids dress up for Trick-or-treat, eat too much candy and get sick, and I spend/waste my time watching cheap horror movies like Tales of Halloween.

It is a comedy horror anthology of ten stories directed by more than 10 different directors and they go as follows: Sweet Tooth, a kid kills his babysitter and her boyfriend because they ate his candy. The Night Billy Raised Hell, a kid dressed like a devil throw an egg at the house of a man who is the devil and teaches the boy a lesson. Trick, A group of friends are terrorised by a group of kids. The Weak and the Wicked, a teenager takes revenge on his bullies. Grim Grinning Ghost, a woman is haunted by a ghost. Ding Dong, a man learns that his wife is a witch eating kids and tries to stop her. This Means War, a man battles his neighbour to death for the best Halloween decorations. Friday the 31st, a serial killer confronts an alien. The Ransom of Rusty Rex, two men kidnap the kid of a rich man only to discover that the child is a monster. Bad Seed, a detective hunts down a man-eating pumpkin.

The problem is that they are uneven except for one thing, being nothing more than segments, they all go straight to their point without wasting any time. Another nice thing about that is that they are interconnected which makes the film a little bit more fun and entertaining. Although overall is rather boring. 

But back to the stories now. There sure is a great variety of stories (basically it's impossible to dislike all of them), but not all of them work. Some have creative and interesting monsters, like Sweet Tooth and Bad Seed (my favourite); some have a nice concept but were poorly executed, like the boring This Means War; some are neither funny nor scary, they only have some gore, like Friday the 31st; some are just terrible, like Ding Dong.

Bottom lime, Tales of Halloween was not my cup of tea. There's plenty of gore (which is good in this kind of movie) but the effects are kinda cheap and the acting is mediocre, to say the least (there are some exceptions though, like John Landis). Still, the movie is watchable. 

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