Thursday Movie Picks: Halloween Edition: Body Horror

Welcome to another Halloween themed Thursday Movie Picks, the weekly series hosted by Wandering through the Shelves. This week we have to picks body horror movies. It was pretty tough for me because I haven't seen many films fitting but I gave it a shot anyway. 

Alien (1979)
Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo are attacked by a mysterious life form that eventually grows into a huge monster. At some point a baby alien bursts from the chest of one of the characters killing him. One of the best sci-fi films ever made and still the best of the franchise. 

The Fly (1986)
A brilliant and eccentric scientist is working on teleportation and right when he thinks he's got all figured out, his experiment goes horribly wrong and he transforms into a man/fly hybrid. I loved this movie when I was a kid (I still can't believe my mother let me watch Cronenberg) and I love it even more now because I can really appreciate the genius behind it.

The Skin I Live In (2011)
A doctor is trying to create a type of synthetic skin that can't be damaged and his guinea pig is a mysterious woman locked in his house. I'm sorry but you have to see this for the body horror. I won't spoil it. Anyway, this is one of the most disturbing, unsettling and yet beautiful films I've seen. 


  1. I still can not sit through Alien. As soon as that thing comes out of John Hurt's body, I turn the channel. I still have to see the remake of the Fly but heard it is good. I haven't see the last film but thanks for putting it on my radar

  2. All fantastic films! The Fly is the most disgusting one, though I cannot bring myself to rewatch it

  3. Cara Sonia, ora che si avvicina Halloween ogni film che li rappresenta รจ il benvenuto.
    Ciao e buon pomeriggio con un forte abbraccio e un sorriso:-)

  4. Great picks! The only one I haven't seen is Thr Fly, which i really need to.

  5. Nice picks though I haven't seen the last. I've considered it a couple times but the cover always gives me pause. Someday.

    Alien is a great film, suspenseful and unsettling full of terrific performances and tension. My vote goes to Aliens as the best of the franchise but this one is right behind it.

    I thought of The Fly right off but I used it in a previous week so went with the original. This one has great things in it though the gore is pretty extreme for me. Jeff Goldblum is ideal in the lead since his angularity suits the role.

    I'm not much for body horror so I struggled, the original Fly and my first pick came easy but my second is strictly desperation filler.

    Altered States (1980)-Ken Russell directed head trip about a college professor (William Hurt) who uses ancient tribal halogenics and an isolation tank to achieve another level of consciousness eventually devolving to a primordial ooze of energy as his colleagues and estranged wife (Blair Brown) fight to restrain him from destroying himself. Screen bow for both Hurt and Drew Barrymore as one of his daughters.

    Society (1989)-Bottom of the barrel sludge about a teenage boy (Billy Warlock) who senses that he’s different from the rest of his family who mix with a certain level of society while he is more of an everyday kind of guy. After several disturbing incidents he discovers the truth which is revealed in revolting fashion. Terrible junk.

    The Fly (1958)-Inventor Andre Delambre (David Hedison) is experimenting with his teleportation device, first with inanimate objects which he’s successful with and eventually animals where he runs into problems. Working on the glitches he decides to try the machine out on himself….but unbeknownst to him a fly gets in before he hits the switch and a melding occurs and he becomes THE FLY!! A big drive-in hit on release this isn’t as technically savvy as the 80’s remake but fun on its own merits and hey it’s got Vincent Price in the cast, always a plus.

  6. All three of these movies are beyond good, but a huge yes...just yes to everything you said about The Skin I Live In. what a film, that is. And that ending!