A Case of You (2013)

I added A Case of You on my watchlist a couple of years ago as I wanted to watch it for a Thursday Movie Picks theme and forgot about it. Then I removed it from my list because it was a romantic comedy. And then I added on my list again because of Sam Rockwell. And he is pretty much the only reason A Case of You is worth watching. Unless you are a clichéd romantic flick fan, in that case, you're gonna love it.

Sam (Justin Long) is a young New York City writer who is suffering from writer's block and spends a lot of time at the local coffee shop. One day, he lays eyes on the barista, Birdie (Evan Rachel Wood), and falls for her. Unfortunately, as he tries to casually start a conversation, she doesn't seem interested, and the day after he learns that she was fired for often being late. After finding out something more about her from her former boss (Peter Dinklage), he decides to stalk her on Facebook and becomes everything she is looking for.

I'm not even sure I need to say this, but the plot is utterly predictable and clichéd. It is barely entertaining and it fails completely to engage on an emotional level. It is kind of interesting the way the writers incorporated social media into the story and tried to show what a negative effect they have on us, how much they influence our lives, how much harder and more complicated they make dating, and that we should not believe at everything we see or read on someone's online profile but its delivery is poor. 

The characters too are pretty lazy-written. Each character is a one-dimensional stereotype, and they are pretty unlikable too. It's hard if not impossible to feel sympathy for Sam as he is pretending the whole time to be someone else and later on he can't deal with having nothing in common with Birdie. Dude, you knew it already when you started it all, why do you want our sympathy now? Also, Justin Long once again plays that awkward guy he always plays, and his comedic timing isn't that on point. Back to the sympathy, you can only have some for Birdie as she is the one who sucked into this web of lies. Actually, that's not true as at the end we learn that she knew Sam was pretending all along. Just like Long's, Wood performance is mediocre. And their chemistry isn't that good either. 

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There are a few surprises in the supporting cast though. Peter Dinklage is quite amusing and occasionally funny as Birdie's former boss, a gay barista; same goes with Brendan Fraser as Birdie's ex-boyfriend. But the standout easily is Sam Rockwell who plays a guitar teacher and gives an over-the-top but funny and memorable performance. Also, he rocks a beard and plays the guitar. Busy Philips and Vince Vaughn, on the other hand, aren't that good. 


  1. I only saw this because of Evan who was alright but man, I really don't like Justin Long as I just don't buy him as the romantic as he and Evan didn't have any chemistry. Long is good in playing supporting funny parts but as a lead. He's not very good.

  2. I know I watched this but I can't remember what I thought about it. I could've sworn I posted a review on it too and apparently I didn't. Must be too forgettable. lol

    1. I guess it was too bad to go on the blog haha

  3. Yeah....it sounds like a flick I would watch when I’m sick and can’t think much

  4. Sounds like another turd I'll see for Sam :)