Wonder Woman (2009)

I don't remember how I found out about the existence of this version of Wonder Woman, but I'm a sucker for comic books movies and animated movies, and if you combine those two you get a film I can't say no to. 

After defeating Ares (voiced by Alfred Molina), the God of War, and stripping him of his powers, the Amazons led by Hippolyta (voiced by Virginia Madsen) reside in peace on their secret island. Then one day a pilot named Steve Trevor (voiced by Nathan Fillion) crash-lands on the island and Princess Diana (voiced by Keri Russell), the daughter of Hippolyta, is assigned to take him back to his world and capture Ares who has managed to escape and is planning his revenge.

Though I haven't read the comic books and it's different from Patty Jenkins's movie, the plot is fairly predictable and I found that many aspects of the story have been overly simplified, and it's a little corny too at times, but the fast pacing makes it enjoyable.

The characters, on the other hand, are way better than I was expecting. While the film's length does not leave room for a lot of depth --Diana isn't as clueless and naive as she is supposed to, and isn't that shocked about the differences in man's world, and Steve isn't as sensitive--, the characters have enough development and characterization to make us like them but most important care about them.

The voice acting, however, is what made this film more watchable for me. Each actor fit the role very well, and they do a pretty good job. Nathan Fillion's Steve Trevor is hilarious and easily the highlight of the film.

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The animation, just like the plot, is kept quite simple and yet it's good. Each character has a unique design that makes it easy to keep up with them, especially the Amazons. The action scenes are quite good too.


  1. Cool review! I watched this last year, and it's a lot of fun - simple for a comic book movie. I enjoyed the voices, except Nathan Fillion (he didn't quite fit Steve for me). It's always nice to watch Wonder Woman.

    1. I loved Fillion's performance but I have to agree with you, his voice didn't fit Steve.