2:22 (2017)




Paul Currie


USA, Australia


Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer, Sam Reid, Simone Kessell, Maeve Dermody, Kerry Armstrong, John Waters, Zara Michales, Richard Davies, Mitchell Butel, Jessica Clarke, George Papura


An ominous pattern of events starts repeating itself, in the same manner, every day and Dylan (Michiel Huisman) must solve the mystery before it's too late.


For some reason, the trailer actually, I had low expectations for 2:22 and I was right. This film is a mess from (a little after the) start to finish.

And what's really bugging me is that it actually had some potential. The storyline was very interesting - the whole pattern thing is why I watched the movie - and could have resulted into a pretty good thriller; the problem is the development, or better, the lack of development. After starting off quite well the film loses its focus and decides it wants to be a romantic sci-fi film. So instead of exploring that potentially fascinating concept, the writers decided to gift us, the audience, with a terrible love story that eventually turns into a terrible love triangle.

And it's all put together in a very contrived and uncompelling way, with twists that aren't that twisted and that only keeps you wonder when the real twists will come. Spoiler alert, they never come.

Just like the suspense a thriller movie should deliver. After a quite tense beginning where two planes almost crash, there's nothing resembling tension.

For what matters, there aren't even decent characters. They all are paper-thin and terribly portrayed by good-looking (and supposedly good) actors. Also, the connection between them is beyond far-fetched. Not to mention the stuff they say, completely out of this world. In a bad way though.

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