Quo Vado? (2016)




Gennaro Nunzinate




Checco Zalone, Eleonora Giovanardi, Ninni Bruschetta, Sonia Bergamasco, Maurizio Micheli, Paolo Pierobon, Lino Banfi, Ludovica Mudugno, Azzurra Martino, Lilia Perno, Diego Verdegiglio


All Checco (Checco Zalone) wanted as a child was a guaranteed job as a public servant and all the privileges that come with it. And his dream has come true, but when a new reformist government vows to cut down on bureaucracy, he is forced to accept terrible conditions in order to keep his job.


When Quo Vado? hit theatres back in January 2016 everybody was talking about how great this film was. Still, I didn't care much for it because I have seen some other Checco Zalone films and, while they were funny, they weren't comedy masterpieces. And neither is this. Actually, this one is not even as funny as I was expecting it to be.

The first reason why I didn’t care much for this film was the plot. The story of the average Italian man who only cares about his guaranteed state job and the privileges that come with it and does everything to keep it didn’t appeal me much simply because that’s the ugly truth, that kind of person is everywhere here in Italy and nobody *politicians* does anything about it. Eventually, the story turned out to be very flat, quite boring and predictable – so I guess I was right.

Also, Zalone’s mockery of the average Italian man does not work as it should. If there’s something I’ve learned watching Italian comedies is that we are usually great at making fun of our flaws. Quo Vado? fails at that. The satire is indeed pretty flat.

The humour just doesn’t work here. There’s a terrific lack of comical elements. Most of the jokes fall flat and, overall, the film just isn’t funny. I had some laughs here and there, but that’s not enough in a comedy.

The characters and acting are terrible as well. In spite of that, Checco Zalone is able to make you kind of care for him, and you’ll eventually end up rooting for him.

Still, in my humble opinion, this film is widely overrated and the only thought of it being the highest grossing Italian film of all time makes me sick. 


  1. Penso che Checco Zalone abbia le potenzialità per fare un'ottima comicità, tuttavia rigira sempre sulle stesse argomentazioni. Dovrebbe evolvere la sua comicità...

  2. Io non lo trovo affatto sopravvalutato, anzi... direi che la critica nostrana lo ha fatto abbastanza a pezzi, a mio avviso ingiustamente, esattamente come fece quarant'anni fa con Fantozzi. E come Fantozzi io credo che Zalone sarà invece rivalutato in futuro, perchè la sua comicità caustica e irriverente non si fa scrupoli nel descrivere un paese amaramente ripiegato su se stesso. Rimarrà un simbolo di questi tempi superficiali e precari...

    1. Mi fa piacere sapere che c'è qualcuno che l'ha apprezzato.