6 Years (2015)


Drama, Romance


Hannah Fidell




Taissa Farmiga, Ben Rosenfield, Lindsay Burdge, Joshua Leonard, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Peter Vack, Jennifer Lafleur, Molly McMichael, Alysia Lucas, Jason Newman


Although they only are in their 20s, Dan (Ben Rosenfield) and Melanie (Taissa Farmiga) have been in a relationship for 6 years. Their romance, however, gets monotonous and is put to test when Dan receives an attractive job offer.


Monotony is boring, right? Then I guess 6 Years is a masterpiece because it's an unbelievably boring drama about a monotonous relationship. Well, that's what the film is supposed to be about.

The plot is a bit of a mess. It's unengaging and predictable right from the start, except for that part where the monotonous relationship turns into an abusive one. It's kinda refreshing thought because it's not the boy being abusive but the girl. She physically hurts him and he also goes to prison because of her. It's more of a toxic relationship where, for some reason I didn't really understand, none of the lovers wants to get away from. 

If I have to be honest, the two of them shouldn't even be in a relationship in the first place. They are completely different people. He's responsible and thinks about his future; she pretty much drinks all the time. This is, however, the film's way of being realistic by showing that most young relationships end because of such behaviours. It's obvious the responsible one is going to get tired of being the responsible one all the time.

Anyway, what I really hated about 6 Years is that it tries really hard to be a character study, but all it does is throw in a bunch of stereotyped characters I couldn't help but hate. There's the wasted white girl kind of character and the hipster kind of character. There's not development whatsoever.

So it came to me as a huge surprise that Taissa Farmiga and Ben Rosenfield, the leading actors, managed to do a fine job here. They actually give quite good performances. They might be worth the watch. 


  1. Oh wow, I hadn't heard of this film before ever but it sounds kind of rubbish. And like it is really boring and too much of a mess to be something of value to watch. I am sorry you couldn't like it at all :(

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    1. I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it. I think I saw the trailer on YouTube or something.