Into the Storm (2014)


Action, Thriller


Steven Quale




Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Matt Walsh, Max Deacon, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Nathan Kress, Arlen Escarpeta, Jeremy Sumpter, Lee Whittaker, Kyle Davis, Jon Reep, Scott Lawrence, David Drumm, Brandon Ruiter, Kron Moore


In the span of a day, the entire town of Silverton is at the mercy of erratic and deadly cyclones, but the worst is yet to come as some storm trackers eventually predict.


I had a thing for disaster movies when Into the Storm hit the theatres. I really wanted to see it but I somehow missed it. And I should have probably stayed away from it forever because it's a goddamn terrible movie.

The story is weak, it completely lacks originality and therefore is so predictable it's not even possible to spoil it, and there are so many plot holes you can make a Tennis racket out of it. Not to mention the three separate storylines, one more tedious, uninteresting and unengaging than the other. 

Which is pretty much what happens when you pair a weak storyline with terrible characters. It's not like I was expecting character development or anything, but usually, at least that's what I think, there has to be at least one character you like and root for in a disaster movie. Well, this is not the case. They are stupid, clichéed and annoying, and instead of caring for them, you'd actually want the tornadoes to get them.

Into the Storm is also the example of how a bad editing, a terrible script and an even worse direction affect the cast. I'm not very familiar with these actors, but I've seen Alycia Debnam-Carey in Fear the Walking Dead and she's good. Here, she is awful. Just like the rest of the movie, nonsense and terrible action included.

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