Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)


Action, Horror, Sci-Fi


The Brothers Strause




Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth, John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis, Sam Trammell, Ariel Gade, Robert Joy, Kristen Hager, David Paetkau, Matt Ward, Michael Suchanek, David Hornsby, Gina Holden, Ian Whyte, Tom Woodruff Jr., Bobby Jones


The dwellers of a rural Colorado town find themselves in the middle of a battle between two extraterrestrial races, Alien and Predator, and must team up for any chance of survival. 


Wow, things dropped pretty fast. A week ago I was let's say praising Alien vs. Predator for being a fun crossover. Now I have to talk about how shitty Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is. It is just plain dumb, like its predecessor, but it's not fun. It's more like a torture, to be honest. 

The film is a mess right from the beginning. It is supposed to be a sequel but there isn't any kind of recall neither to the characters of the previous film nor to the events of the previous film. It doesn't even have a weak storyline because that would require one, and that's definitely something the film does not have. Plot holes, however, it's plenty of those. It is such a mess and so incoherent, it's impossible to even concentrate. It keeps shifting from one thing to another without focusing or giving importance to anything. It is utterly unengaging.

The characters are just as terrible. They have no depth or development whatsoever. They are so thin, the wind would blow them away. Like those sheets falling down and flying everywhere. The only difference is that you probably care about those sheets, but don't give a damn about these characters.

The script, however, wasn't Alien vs. Predator's strong suit either. The action pretty much saved the film. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen here. The action sequences are terribly choreographed, they are not exciting, and they pretty much consist of people shooting in the dark.

And let's not talk about the special effects and costumes. No, actually, let's talk about those. They are terrible. You look at those Aliens and Predators and all you can see are men wearing some terrible Halloween costumes. 

In a few words, this film is an offense both to the Alien and to the Predator franchise. 


  1. Haven't watched this one yet, despite seeing everything else in both franchises. Still plan on checking it out because of my morbid curiosity. Might enjoy it for all the terribleness.