Legally Blonde (2001)




Robert Luketic




Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Matthew Davis, Selma Blair, Victor Garber, Jennifer Coolidge, Holland Taylor, Ali Larter, Jessica Cauffiel, Alanna Ubach, Oz Perkins, Linda Cardellini, Raquel Welch


After being dumped by her boyfriend (Matthew Davis) because she doesn't fit his blue blood family, sorority queen Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) decides to follow him to law school to win him back.


I'm ashamed to admit this but there's always been a part of me that really wanted to see Legally Blonde but I've always put it off because of the poster. I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, a movie by its poster in this case, but a woman and a dog both wearing pink seem to me like a very good reason to avoid a film. I eventually watched it because I was in the mood for something light and fun and that's exactly what I got, a light and fun film.

The story is pretty simple, clichéed, predictable and you can basically see every single plot point coming from miles away. And it's also very stupid, but I'm sure you could tell that from the storyline.

Anyway, in spite of that, it was quite entertaining and fun to watch and that is down to Reese Witherspoon's charming performance as Elle. Unfortunately, her character was nothing more than a stereotyped dumb blonde with no development whatsoever. Seriously, I was excepting her to change at least a bit but the movie was over and she was the same person she was at the beginning.

However, the real problem with Legally Blonde is that it came off as offensive and insulting to a lot of people. And things as well. It insults women, lawyers, Harvard and its professors. Not to mention the caricatures of homosexuality.


  1. I liked this a lot when I was a teen, but I agree with pretty much everything you wrote about it when I actually stop and think about the story. (Which I didn't do back then)

    1. There's nothing wrong with that. The problem would be liking this as an adult.

  2. I'm an adult...and i don't mind this flick. I guess I should hang my head low. All you say is true but I just don't take it seriously. There is a lot more crap to be upset about than this flick

    1. Haha you're right. And please don't hang yourself, okay?