The Cabbage Soup (1981)

Original Title

La Soupe aux choux


Comedy, Sci-Fi


Jean Girault




Louis de Funès, Jean Carmet, Jacques Villeret, Christine Dejoux, Claude Gensac, Henri Génès, Marco Perrin, Gaelle Legrande, Philippe Ruggieri, Max Montavon, Thierry Liagre, Perrette Souplex, Philippe Brizard


One evening, two old French farmers, Le Glaude (Louis de Funès) and Cicisse (Jean Carmet), start a farting contest which seems to provoke a lighting storm. What actually happens is that they send a signal to aliens and one (Jacques Villeret) arrives to change their lives.


I usually love French comedies. They have a certain je ne sais quoi and quirkiness that I can't help but love. It really wasn't the case with The Cabbage Soup which is, in a few words, the French equivalent of a dumb American comedy. But it's quite fun.

The story is very simple, absolutely ridiculous - I highly doubt you'll ever find a more ridiculous storyline than this one having two old men farting and calling the aliens - and it doesn't make a lot of sense either. Nevertheless, it's very enjoyable and engaging. And, to make it better, it's a story about friendship. A true, sincere friendship where the two men are always honest with each other. It's the kind of friendship where you fight and have discussions all the time but you eventually make up.

However, the friendship alone would not be able to keep you interested because, like I said, the story is pretty stupid. What makes the difference is the actors. They have to work with silly dialogue and terrible humour - the fart jokes/gags are strong in this one - but they make it work wonderfully. Louis de Funès is fantastic as Le Gluade. Also good are Jean Carmet as his Le Gluade's friend Cicisse, and (especially) Jacques Villeret's alien. Seriously, that alien had me laughing the whole time.

Sure, The Cabbage Soup isn't your typical quirky French comedy, but it still is fun to watch.


  1. OK this does not sound like a French Comedy but one by Will Ferrell. If farts is what brings a funny alien down, then my hubby would bring down the Klingons. My dog would bring the Borg!