Unforgettable (2017)


Drama, Thriller


Denise Di Novi




Katherine Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Geoff Stults, Isabella Rice, Cheryl Ladd, Simon Kassianides, Whitney Cummings, Robert Wisdom


Tessa (Katherine Heigl) can't cope with the end of her marriage with David (Geoff Stults) and sets out to make life hell for Julia (Rosario Dawson), his new fiancée.


Rosario Dawson is a fantastic actress and the only reason why I decided to give Unforgettable a chance. To be honest, I was also curious to see Katherine Heigl in such a different role (I've only seen her in Grey's Anatomy and rom-coms). Anyway, that doesn't change the fact that, in spite of its title, this movie is completely forgettable.

There is really nothing new or original in this film. It's got a story that has been told over and over again, that's pretty stupid, illogical, boring, predictable and that doesn't have absolutely anything to stand out from the others. It's the kind of story that deserves/requires solid or at least decent twists but this one doesn't have any.

Unforgettable is also guilty of having terrible and stupid characters. There's nothing resembling character development so, in spite of Rosario Dawson's wasted/too-good-for-this-crap performance, nothing is given us to make us care about Julia. Also, the decisions taken by the characters, especially Julia, are so stupid that makes you question whether it's Tessa or Julia the one with problems. The weird thing about this film is that Tessa actually has some development which only made me wonder if we are supposed to root for her after all. The other characters are so forgettable, they aren't even worth talking about.

Unfortunately, that's not it. This film also fails at building and delivering suspense and tension. To be honest, there's none. There are some scenes where there's supposed to be some tension between the two leading ladies, but it all came off very awkwardly. It is so flat, I'm surprised I didn't fell asleep while watching it.


  1. I've heard nothing but terrible things about this movie and that's exactly why I'm going to watch it. I have a soft spot for Fatal Attraction knock-offs. They tickle me to no end.

    1. You just reminded me I still haven't seen Fatal Attraction.

  2. I listen to the Double Toasted podcast and they made fun of this movie so much that I almost want to see it just to lol. It sounds awful.

  3. I heard about this flick and it sounds like one done by a Harlequin romance that one sees on the Women's Network

    1. I just googled that and look awful so I guess the comparison is spot on.

  4. I found it hilarious but Rosario deserves better