A Few Best Men (2011)

In spite of the rating A Few Best Men has pretty much everywhere, I still decided to give it a chance. What can I say, I love British humour and, after yesterday's horrendous comedy, I needed something to cheer me up. That, of course, this film didn't do. 

English David (Xavier Samuel) and Australian Mia (Laura Brent) meet and fall in love while on a vacation. After a week he proposes and they plan to marry in a few days, so he goes back to England, gets his three best mates (Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop and Tim Draxl) to come to his wedding. Needless to say, the wedding will be filled with havoc and chaos. 

It's a very predictable and ridiculous plot. Wedding comedies are usually exaggerated but this one goes beyond that. It's basically what would happen if The Hangover met with Bridesmaids and Meet the Parents. Actually, it's not like that. If those three movies hang out, it'd probably be a lot of fun, and A Few Best Men wasn't fun. At all.

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One of the reasons is the awful, bland characters. The bride and the groom are completely forgettable, although they are the only normal people in this film. The three best men are nothing more than three morons with no characterization and development whatsoever. Not to mention how insane the bridesmaid (which is also the bride's fake-lesbian sister) and the mother of the bride are. And the acting is goddamn awful. 

And the comedy barely works. It's a cringy and boring mixture of British slapstick and Australian humour with unfunny gags and jokes that fall flat most of the time. Maybe I would have found this funny with a bottle of Jack, but unfortunately that's not what I was drinking. Rebel Wilson is usually funny, but there's nothing she can do here since there's barely something to work with. Kudos to Olivia Newton-John though. She pulled off the role of the mother decently and the fact that she was snorting cocaine (not Newton-John, the character) help the comedy. 


  1. I would have warned you if I could. Abysmal movie. If you like that wedding/best man sort of stuff I give it a year is something that shoud make you laugh. Especially the scenes with Stephen Merchant.

  2. I just watched the speech scene on YouTube and it was kinda fun. I think I'll watch the movie when I get the chance.