Non c'è più religione (2016)

I remember seeing the trailer for Non c'è più religione back when this was released, I wanted to check out the film but then I completely forgot about it. It was on TV a few weeks ago and though the trailer didn't look that good I still gave it a change. After all, Alessandro Gassmann, the son of Vittorio, is the only Italian living actor I like.

There is no newborn in the small town of Portobuio and that puts in danger the annual representation of the nativity since the only child, the one that used to play Jesus, is now too big, both in age and size, for the role. It's up to the mayor (Claudio Bisio) to find a new Jesus and, with the help of Suor Marta (Angela Finocchiaro), he asks for help to the Islamic community, led by his old friend Marietto (Alessandro Gassmann).

Somehow, the writers managed to make the story even more stupid, trite and ridiculous than it looks at first sight. Its lack of coherence is disarming, there are subplots that come out of nowhere and go nowhere, the plot points are exaggeration after exaggeration, it makes no sense whatsoever and it's so boring the only reason I did not fall asleep was that I took an espresso that day and that's the effect coffee has on me, it keeps me awake.

The unappealing and non-sensical story isn't the script's only flaw. There also are a lot of boring, bland characters that only make the film a little bit more dreadful. And there's nothing the cast can do to fix that. If anything, the cast made me even angrier, especially Bisio, Gassmann and Finocchiaro, for making such a poor film only to make some easy money.

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Oh, and the comedy. What a travesty it is! The jokes are nothing but trite and bland, commonplace after commonplace, and the gags have no effect whatsoever. I did not laugh, what am I saying, I did not chuckle a single time while watching time. I kid you not.

Non c'è più religione doesn't even have an original idea behind. It's just Benvenuti al Sud all over again. Same story about integration --only this time it also "addresses" the issue of low birthrate in Italy--, same director, same cast (Claudio Bisio and Angela Finocchiaro) but not quite the same result. The problem? Director and co-writer Luca Miniero wasn't really the one to be accounted for the decent outcome of Benvenuti al Sud since the film was a copy of the brilliant French comedy Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis.


  1. OK, thank you for reminding myself not to see it. I do like Italian films although I think the ones I have are from the 50s to the 70s.

    1. And those are the only worth watching. Most of the new ones are awful. There are very few exceptions.