Six Shooter (2004)

I never watch short movies. There isn't a reason behind it, I just don't. But when I had the idea of writing a piece for Martin McDonaugh's birthday, I figured I should watch Six Shooter, his Oscar-winning short film. 

Six Shooter tells the story of a recently widowed man, Donnelly (Brendan Gleeson), who founds himself on a train in the same carriage as a couple (David Wilmot and Aisling O'Sullivan) who has just lost their son for coth death and an annoying and cynical young man (Rúaidhrí Conroy) who arouses his fellow passengers with rude and offensive behavior. 

It's a very simple an yet brilliant and quite disturbing story about people dealing with death in very different ways. It's developed in such an interesting way and its 30 minutes will deliver several shocking twists and surprises. The plot is exaggerated --it's something you would expect if you have seen anything from McDonagh-- and yet it's believable and keeps you glued to the screen. 

McDonagh was also able to fit in the short running time very interesting characters with a good (for its running time) characterization and development. The most interesting characters are of course Donnelly and the young man. The first is the only one in all the acts of the film, but he is some sort of viewer, he doesn't have control over anything. Things happen around him and there's nothing he can do. The young man, on the other hand, is only in the second act but he is at the center of the action. The performances from Brendan Gleeson and Rúaidhrí Conroy make them even more compelling.

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Just like McDonagh's feature films, Six Shooter too has the right balance between comedy and drama and the black comedy is spot on. Of course, if you don't like dark comedy, you won't find this funny, but if you do, you'll spend some quite hilarious 30 minutes watching this. There's a story told by the young man about a cow with trapped wind that is random and bizarre as it is hilarious. The short is worth watching for that scene alone. 

The camera-work is very nice, especially on the train, and manages to keep the tension up. The scenery is also very beautiful --thank you, Irland-- and the photography is breathtaking. 


  1. This is a short I've been wanting to see but I can never find it. I really want to as I do like what Martin McDonagh has done as a filmmaker so far.

    1. I can link you the torrent, if you want. I couldn't find it anywhere else unfortunately

    2. Here you go!